Snowboarding – Riding Switch

Courchevel pow - editMany years ago, after the loss of yet another toenail to ski boots, I was seduced by the comfort of snowboard boots, and haven’t looked back since.

My love for winter sports led me to the ski industry where I worked for over ten years, both in the UK and abroad, in a variety of different roles including sales, marketing and resort management, before deciding to focus on what I do best – writing.

When it comes to snowboarding, my comfort zone is restricted solely (pardon the pun) to my boots, and I constantly like to push myself further. I’m never going to be the next Jenny Jones but that doesn’t stop me dreaming that I could be!

Needless to say I’ve had my fair share of snowboarding injuries along the way, but my philosophy is that if you don’t get hurt every now and again, you’re not trying hard enough!

The title of my blog, Riding Switch, not only refers to getting out of my comfort zone to push myself further, but also my aim to approach things from a different angle.

Cycling – Riding Switchbacks

Created with Nokia Smart CamI started mountain biking relatively recently as a substitute for snowboarding during the summer months, and quickly became hooked. I’m lucky enough to live within easy reach of Glentress, one of the UK’s best mountain biking centres, so head up there whenever I’ve got a few hours to spare. I’ve also visited several of the UK’s other top mountain biking destinations and intend to check more off the list in the coming months.

Having acquired my first road bike a few months ago I’ve been getting into that too, and did my first cycle sportive in May 2014.

Writing – Switch Copywriting

I’m a freelance copywriter, journalist and content marketing professional. While I specialise in winter sports and cycling, my work is by no means restricted to those fields and I have clients from a variety of different sectors ranging from technology to fashion.

I’ve had articles published in several major publications including, Whitelines Magazine, Coven Magazine, Sabotage Times and The Scotsman.

For more information on the services I offer and examples of my work please visit my Switch Copywriting website or contact me at switchcopywriting@gmail.com

Copywriting & Content Marketing portfolio

Journalism portfolio


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