X rated weekend

Smooth style and a sweet board!

Danny Davis: smooth style and a sweet board!

Like most other snowboarding enthusiasts I spent this weekend following the X Games in Aspen. As one of the biggest events on the snowboarding calendar, it always delivers some awesome riding, and this year was no exception. There was upset and excitement across the board with hardly anything going as expected.

One notable absence from the proceedings was Shaun White who has competed in every X Games since he was 13 but decided to sit this one out in order to focus on the Olympics. This left the playing field open for one of his many rivals to step up and steal his crown.

However, just who that would be was far from predictable with close fought battles resulting in surprise victories in both the Slopestyle and SuperPipe. In the Slopestyle Canadian Max Parrot snatched gold from fellow countryman and favourite, Mark McMorris, by less than a point with 2 super technical runs, which included back-to-back triples.

There was also a crazy amount of spinning going on in the SuperPipe final but it was Danny Davis who took gold with his super smooth style and perfectly executed tricks, proving that it’s not all about the number of spins you can cram into a run. Fellow American Louie Vito took time out from hosting the games to win silver.

There was just as much excitement in the women’s events where we witnessed some of the most progressive women’s riding ever seen. There was upset in the Slopestyle when Norwegian Silje Norendal stole gold from queen of Slopestyle, Jamie Anderson. Aimee Fuller also put in a solid performance, managing to land her double backflip and finish in 7th place.

One of the biggest shocks of the games was 13 year old American Chloe Kim who took silver in the SuperPipe with a couple of incredible runs, making her the youngest X Games medalist ever. Kelly Clark won her 12th gold medal making her the most successful female in X Games history, and the only one that I would have won any money on at the bookies!

Over to you…

Did you manage to catch any of the X Games? What was your highlight?


Over to you...

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