Burton Presents: [SNOWBOARDING]

Burton presentsSummer’s great an’ all, but by the time September approaches, us snowboarders are itching for winter. Which is why it’s so exciting when the new season movie trailers start to arrive, to remind us that winter is just around the corner and get us stoked for the season ahead.

One of the first to drop is the trailer for Burton Presents: [SNOWBOARDING], a four episode web series which is being released throughout September and October in place of the usual feature length-movie format.

Each episode will have a different theme: Backcountry, Street, Women, and Resort, and will be available for download from the Burton website, for free!

The first episode drops on 13 September, with subsequent episodes following on 27 September, 11 October and 25 October, and if the trailer is anything to go by, it’s going to be awesome!

With Burton following in the footsteps of Nike by opting to release a web series instead of a feature-length film, is this the way of things to come?


2 responses to “Burton Presents: [SNOWBOARDING]

  1. I like the trailer.. looks cool and interesting! Good job to Burton, thumbs up! : )

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