Snowboarding vicariously


Aaah, the Eye of the Needle… Stunning.

The only thing worse than being injured and unable to snowboard, is your other half heading out to the mountains without you, while you stay at home desperately working on finger flexes and other lame physio exercises, in the vain hope that they will eventually return functionality to your, still painful and stiff, broken wrist.

To make things worse, he’s gone to Tignes, my old stomping ground, so I can’t help but be envious when I imagine him flying down ‘Trolles’ or having an après beer on Loop Bar’s sun deck.

In a way it’s good though, as I’m able to imagine myself there and get my snowboarding fix vicariously. I find myself telling him places to go, so that I can revisit favourite spots and old haunts, through him. It’s practically like I’m there myself. Really.


Smug face? Conditions look alright to me!

The only comfort is that conditions apparently haven’t been all that great. The area hasn’t had a decent snowfall for weeks, and any that was forecast to fall during the week hasn’t really amounted to much. So little fresh snow over the busiest weeks of the season means that the pistes have been scraped to within an inch of their lives, and there isn’t really much going on off piste. To top things off, it’s been sunny during the day and very cold at night, so the pistes are like boilerplate, and any soft snow off piste is now covered with a lovely icy crust!* It snowed yesterday though and they headed over to Paradiski where conditions are apparently much better. By the time they got back to Tignes last night there was already a couple of inches of fresh snow and it was still falling, so things should be a lot better today. Lucky buggers!

Lamenting the bad conditions, poor guy!

Lamenting the bad conditions, poor guy!

It’s taken all my patience to remain calm whilst listening to my loved one moan on about how bad conditions are, and how he didn’t wear enough sunscreen today, while I struggle to fill out yet another insurance claim form, with my left hand!

I don’t grudge him the trip in the slightest though. The poor guy spent four days of our last snowboarding trip sitting by my hospital bed in Moutiers. He thoroughly deserves it and I wish him all the powder in the world today, I just wish I was there too!

I’m still hoping to get back on my board before the season’s out though, so in the meantime, it’s back to the finger flexes…!

*Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any inaccuracies in the descriptions of  conditions in Tignes. It is distinctly possible that they have been exaggerated  due to comparisons with epic conditions experienced earlier in the season, or to make me feel better about not being there!

This was today…


…But, appearances can be deceiving as apparently this shot was mocked up purely to make me jealous and make me think that they’d had a powder day. Isn’t that nice?! He actually had to break through a heavy crust to take this.

This was the reality…


I’m still jealous though!


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