A very white Christmas… in the mountains!

Courchevel pow!I was lucky enough to get out to the French Alps last week for an early season shred, and the conditions were incredible! They’d already had a huge amount of fresh snow when we arrived, and it just kept coming all week. It was undoubtedly the best early season conditions I’ve ever experienced, and up there with the best ever.

IMG_1961We were in the Three Valleys and conditions were amazing both on and off piste. And as it was early season, the slopes were deserted, which meant there were fresh lines to be had all day long. Bliss.

The downside to all the snow is that the avalanche risk is very high, so it’s important to know what you’re doing, and be extremely careful if venturing off piste. We saw a massive slab slide, right down to the ground, which served as a stark reminder of the importance of staying safe

IMG_1968Sadly I’m now back in a miserable and rainy UK, and counting the days until my next trip to the mountains in the new year. Everyone who’s heading out to the Alps for Christmas is going to have a merry and very white Christmas! Just stay safe!

If you are spending Christmas in the mountains, post some pictures on the Riding Switch Facebook page and make us jealous! I’ll be posting more of mine there too…

Happy Christmas everyone!

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