Shredding the deadwood

I recently had the following article published in Coven Magazine

Until recently I’d had the same board for years. I trusted him, we got on well, had been through a lot together, and despite having taken a few knocks over the years, he still performed pretty well for his age.

Of course, like any other hot-blooded snowboard chick I’d been eyeing up the new boards on the block, being seduced by their flexibility, strong cores, and alluring graphics. I’d flirt with the idea of ditching my old board and getting hooked up with a fancy new one, one that liked to have fun in the park, performed well in the powder and still maintained enough contact when things turned icy.

I’d even get as far as fixing my sights on ‘the one’, telling myself that I’d hold out until the end of the season, and if he was still left on the shelf, he could be mine for less. However, year in, year out, when it came to the crunch, there was always some reason why I couldn’t go through with it – the reason invariably being an impromptu extra trip to the mountains which left me spent.

I was also never quite convinced by all the ever-evolving technology and was very much of the opinion that I wore the trousers in our relationship and it was me who controlled our performance on the mountain, rather than the other way round.

So, other than flirtation and the odd date (which, admittedly, did test my resolve) I’d remained faithful to my old board. I was happy enough, but at the same time, I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that I could do better…

My epiphany came when I was invited to a snowboard testing event – a veritable snowboarding orgy. With all the hottest new boards in one place, all crying out to be ridden, what’s a girl to do? Clearly I obliged.

Suffice to say that I barely spared a thought for my old board over those few days. The new ones were so amenable that most of us clicked on the first, well, click, and with each turn I fell deeper and deeper in love. Or was it lust? It didn’t matter, it felt good. The chemistry was palpable and I began to realise what I’d been missing out on all this time. I became much more adventurous, tried out different moves in the park, and even felt bold enough to take them out of bounds.

I still believe that a good rider should be able to tame any board, regardless of how many contact points or camber variations it has, but that said, if you can make your life easier and more fun with a newer model, why wouldn’t you? And while there’s a lot be said for having a board that you’re familiar with, sometimes you just want to spice things up a bit.

I’d hate to compare my snowboard to a man, but even the best of relationships can eventually turn stale. It can be easy to get stuck in a rut, and sometimes it’s just best to move on… I’m certainly having lots of fun with my new one!

Read Issue 3 of Coven Magazine online here. Or pick up a copy from one of the stockists. “Shredding the deadwood” is on page 90!


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