The wait

Tignes glacier – 9 Nov. Photo courtesy of Loop Bar, Tignes

For ski and snowboard enthusiasts, waiting for winter to begin can be agonising. And never more so that at this time of year when resorts are starting to open across the pond, all the new gear is in the shops, it’s cold and grey in the UK, and you’re not likely to get your first turns for at least another month.

But rather than try to shift our focus for a few weeks until the time comes a bit closer, we can’t help but torture ourselves by pouring over pictures of early snow, lusting after all the new stock in our local ski/snowboard shops, and watching all the latest snowboard movies on repeat… Or is that just me?! I’m sure I’m not alone!

Tignes Le Lac – 6 Nov! Photo courtesy of Loop Bar

I guess it’s all part of the excitement, and the anticipation just makes it all the more exciting when it finally comes around. At least we have that to look forward to. Imagine how depressing winter must be if all you’ve got to look forward to is Christmas!

If you haven’t tortured/tantalised yourself sufficiently yet, here are some things to check out to get you excited about the impending season…

–       Photos of snow! It’s been dumping in North America and Europe. Mount Norquay in Banff opened on 25th October, 2 weeks ahead of schedule, and high alpine resorts, such as Tignes and Avoriaz, are looking incredible already! Pictures here… and here.

40% off Forum snowboards and boots at SS20!

–       Great deals on ski/snowboarding holidays and the latest ski/snowboarding gear. With the economy as it is, tour operators are offering amazing deals on ski/snowboard holidays, and retailers are slashing the prices of gear already. Check out these deals from NeilsonSS20, Westbeach and Boardwise.

–       The latest snowboarding movies. Most of these have dropped now and this year’s crop are pretty damn good. Click here to see the best ones to check out.

Westbeach hoodies reduced from £70 to only £15!

–       Start the countdown! European resort opening dates will upon us before we know it, so start the countdown! Here are the opening dates for a few of the main resorts…

Tignes – 1 December 2012

Val d’Isere – 1 December 2012

Les Arcs – 15 December 2012

Avoriaz – 22 December 2012

Is the wait killing you too? What have you got planned for the season? And what are you doing to get stoked for it in the meantime? Leave a comment below… Let’s share the excitement!


4 responses to “The wait

  1. Oh my! I love the purple sweater so much! This gonna be something to catch for the winter! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The wait is definately killing me even though I did go skiing once so far. This season I’ll be working at a resort so bring on december!!

  3. Darcy – You’re welcome! I love the purple one too. Can’t believe they’re reduced to only £15! I had to get one, even though I have LOADS of hoodies already!

  4. Glamskibum – I am very jealous that you’ve already had your first turns of the season, AND that you’re going to be working at a resort all season! Which one?

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