The Nike Chosen Sessions: a marketing triumph

Snowboarding is constantly evolving. Be it the equipment, the tricks or the arenas in which the tricks are performed, it’s a sport that can never be accused of being dull.

Last week Nike Snowboarding unveiled a revolutionary new terrain park in Silvretta Montafon for the latest Nike Chosen Sessions. A group of 12 European amateur riders, selected from a round of national competitions, plus a panel of Nike sponsored pros (including Jamie Nicholls, Danny Kass and Halldor Helgason) , travelled to the Austrian resort to hit up the epic park which had been specially built for the occasion.

Among its many unique features were a skate inspired bowl, a scaffolding feature and a series of massive kickers arranged around a 70m Nike swoosh.

The ams competed in three different sessions: Best Line, The Bowl and Big Air, and the public were then invited vote for the best. UK rider Andy Nudds narrowly missed out on getting through to the final round where the top three ams (as voted by the public) were judged by the panel of pros to decide who would be ‘chosen’. The winner was eventually announced as Swiss rider, Markus Mathis who will now spend the next year living the life of a Nike pro rider.

Running alongside the best am competition was another for the best film crew. The winner of this is still to be announced, but there is some pretty awesome footage of the event out there.

As always, the Nike marketing machine was cranked up to full. Not only has the event generated a massive amount of publicity, but they’ve also acquired themselves a new team member, and a wealth of sweet, swoosh-ridden, promo material. Good work Nike!

What did you think of the Nike Chosen Sessions? Post a comment below to share your views…


5 responses to “The Nike Chosen Sessions: a marketing triumph

  1. I agree that the Chosen Sessions was marketing genius. I got sucked into watching those episodes several times over. The park setup was phenomenal, and the production quality was outstanding. Kind of what you’d expect when a company with Nike’s budget decides to get in the game. When we watched the first segment (of the park build) I looked at Carlos and said “these guys are going to own snowboarding.” They did a great job with the concept and production and I’m interested to see how people react.
    I know a lot of people who like Nike snow product. I know many others who aren’t into having a large corporation like Nike decide to get into the snowboard market and push their way in. I wonder if projects like the Chosen Sessions will convert some of these people…time will tell.
    Just my thoughts on the matter, thanks for posting.
    -hanna from the Geeks.

  2. Hey Hanna, thanks for your comment. I guess as long as these big corporations are pumping money into the sport and creating innovative and exciting events, then it’s got to be a good thing. I guess it’s a bit like Red Bull…

    You’ve also got to admire their marketing tactics!

    Cheers, Cat

  3. A polarizing topic for sure. I have to admit that watching Nike come in to the snowboard space and flex their creative muscle has me a bit conflicted. As snowboarders we must be protective of our sport and the roots that will keep it legit and relevant. With that said Nike has made all the right moves in my book. Solid move “Numero Uno”: styling their boots and color ways inspired on the Air Force 1 which is an urban legend and one of the most popular Nike shoes to date. “Deuce”: Involving riders the caliber of Gigi Ruff and Nico doesn’t hurt at all. “Three”:TV and Web ads capture sides of snowboarding that inspire and blow the doors of creativity wide open. And then there is the “Chosen Sessions” pushing the sport and the imagination of many in a big way and keeping “the tribe” involved in voting and creating community. Isn’t that what snowboarding is all about in the confines of your screen and beyond? Nike’s presence is making other companies very uncomfortable because it makes them look at themselves and wonder if they are pushing hard enough. They continue to sell us on the idea of seeing them as brand worth exploring for soft goods. Sometimes I wonder 🙂
    Great Post! @manofactnsports

    • Great comments, thanks! It is a difficult one as it’s hard to criticise them when a lot of what they’re doing is so good… although the thought of such a big corporation taking hold of the sport feels wrong.

      It’s the sight of the Nike ‘swoosh’ in every shot that made me feel a little cynical, but I guess they’re just doing a very good job of what every other company sets out to do!

      Thanks again for your comments. I’m pleased the post struck a chord with you! Cat

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