Word off the piste

Sorry, not that kind of off piste. I mean off piste as in sitting in front of a computer in the UK kind of off piste. A long way off piste…

Les Arcs 1950 basking in warm sunshine yesterday. Photo: Michael Bennett

And while I’d obviously love to be out in the mountains experiencing off piste in the true sense of the word, I don’t mind too much because when I’m not in the mountains, I spend my time doing the next best thing in my eyes, which is writing about them. I recently started freelance writing full time and have been so busy that I’ve barely had time to lament the length of time that’s passed since my last trip to the mountains (admittedly only 4 weeks… and I said barely). I couldn’t be happier than doing this kind of work (unless of course, I could be based in the mountains too!) and the only downside to spending all my time writing for other people’s websites is the fact that I haven’t had time to dedicate to my own, hence the recent lack of posts…

But I’m also starting to lack inspiration. After all, there’s only so long you can write/talk/read about something you love without craving the real thing. Fortunately though, I’m heading back out to the mountains in less than a week, and excitement levels are building rapidly.

… And on

The slopes around 6 chair in Breckenridge yesterday

After the (relatively) recent bitterly cold spell in the Alps, it’s now ridiculously warm and spring has well and truly set in. Yesterday temperatures were forecast to hit 14c! Fortunately with all the snow that’s fallen this season, this early onset of spring is not hampering conditions too much and it’s still pretty good out there. Michael Bennett, MD of Powderbeds.com and Ski Independence, who’s out in Les Arcs 1950 at the moment reported excellent on piste conditions despite the sunshine and warm temperatures that they’ve received all week. However, I have heard that there’s snow forecast for the beginning of next week, just in time for my arrival!

Earlier in the season while Europe was being dumped on, North America were experiencing a distinct lack of snow, but things have turned around and they’re finally getting their share of the season’s snowfall. Certain resorts in Colorado awoke to 10 inches of fresh pow yesterday morning with more forecast for today. The fantastic conditions have allowed Breckenridge to finally open some of its best terrain over by 6 chair and the pictures look sweet!


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