Freezing out the post shred blues

I’m just back from an amazing week in The Three Valleys – fantastic snow, lots of sunshine and loads of fun. As always, it provided the ultimate escapism and unleashed a deluge of endorphins. The combination of stunning views, fresh air, sunshine and the exhilaration of ripping up the mountain on my board always makes me deliriously happy and I never want the trip to end.

When we arrived last Saturday (21 Jan) it was dumping with snow and the next morning we awoke to glorious blue skies. Can’t ask for much more than that on your first day! There wasn’t another substantial snowfall for the rest of the week but they’d had plenty in recent weeks for conditions to remain superb for the whole week. Temperatures were also extremely mild but not so much so that there was any risk of thawing.

However, when we left the following Saturday morning, things had already started to change and it was snowing again. This week temperatures have plummeted and are forecast to drop as low as -30C at night by the end of this week!

That is my only consolation to being back in Blighty (although it’s pretty damn cold here too!), but it really doesn’t do much to ease the post-shred blues. The only thing that does is the fact that I’ll be heading back out to the mountains again in a few weeks… Bring it on!

Check out the Riding Switch Facebook page for more pictures of the trip…


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