Ten track mind

I’ve just booked a last minute trip to the mountains and am super excited. I can’t wait to get my board on all that snow that’s been falling in the Alps after drooling over all the photos for weeks.

There are only three days until we go (I’m actually counting the hours), but I’ve got loads I need to sort out before then; organise my work schedule, plan a couple of meetings for my return, arrange transfers, insurance, excess baggage… but what seems to have taken priority is the creation of a new playlist of tunes to shred to!

And it’s not something that can be taken lightly either. It’s a lengthy process requiring much deliberation, trawling through a vast itunes library, reacquainting myself with forgotten gems, listening and re-listening to ensure that they are the right tempo, evoke the right mood, fit in with the other contenders…

To be honest, I could listen to anything, or nothing, while riding and still experience the same level of elation, but there’s no doubt that the right tunes can enhance an already awesome experience. It’s certainly a far cry from pounding a treadmill in the gym, where you need something to distract you from the monotony, and the splashes of sweat flying off the guy next to you. I have abandoned many a gym session on the realisation that I’ve forgotten my ipod, but could ride all day just enjoying the peace and serenity of the mountains.

The majority of helmets are now audio compatible

Of course, riding while listening to music is a contentious issue. Is it possible to be fully aware of what’s going on around you when you’ve got music blasting in your ears? Probably not. Personally, I only really do it when I’m riding on my own (something I did quite a lot during my ski seasons and actually quite enjoy!), when I know the slopes well and when it’s quiet. And even then I keep the volume low and invariably only wear one earphone.

Besides, the number of products on the market that facilitate listening to music on the hill (helmets with built in headphones being the most obvious and contradictory example) certainly doesn’t give the impression that it’s something to be discouraged.

So, back to the job in hand… what’s going to make up this year’s playlist? It may be a bit predictable and unimaginative but a few tunes from my favourite snowboarding movies usually make the cut. This year I’ll probably include a couple of tracks from the soundtrack to the awesome, all-chick shred flick “5 more minutes… please?!” so that I can pretend to be Aimee Fuller or Jenny  Jones while ripping up the mountain. I might need to avoid the park while listening to those though, just in case I start to get delusions of grandeur and throw myself off something stupid! I might use a couple from “The Art of Flight” soundtrack too, although I don’t think any tune could make me feel remotely like Travis Rice et al.

I’ll probably also include a couple of tunes from old playlists to evoke memories of epic shreds gone by. I only need to hear the first few bars of MGMT’s “Time to Pretend” or “Kids” to be instantly transported back (sadly only mentally) to amazing times spent cruising around Vail’s Back Bowls and Blue Sky Basin.

The majority of the tracks will undoubtedly be my favourite tunes of the moment. The ones I’m currently listening to at the gym or out running, with a few more chilled ones thrown in to mix it up a bit. And then there’ll probably be a couple of old favourites that I stumble upon while trawling through my itunes library and can’t resist putting on. Anything from Blondie to the Beastie Boys has been known to creep on there!

It’s all still very much a work in progress so any suggestions would be more than welcome! Or maybe you have views on riding with music? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Anyway, better go and book those transfers and travel insurance…


17 responses to “Ten track mind

  1. Groovy Train – by The Farm
    Blue Monday – New order
    Step on – Happy Mondays
    Know How – Young MC
    Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix
    LA Woman – The Doors
    I am the Resurrection – Stone Roses (full length)
    Move any Mountain – The Shamen
    Loaded – Primal Scream
    Build a fire – KLF

  2. The build a fire – is a classic – I recall sitting on my 4rse looking down flintlock at SteamBoat springs… listening to the track… takes me back to the big colorado skies and champagne powder… funny thing was it was on my first ever mp3 plaer which was bought in a radio shack – creative thing it could only hold about 20 tracks… but it was awesome! (2004). I bought a Never Summer board too… still got the board…

    • I always think it’s amazing how just listening to a tune can bring back such vivid memories 🙂

      MP3 players have moved on a bit in the past few years eh?! Never Summer boards are just as awesome though!

  3. The Ord, Pink Fluffly Clouds – “What were the skys like we you were young?”

  4. From St Etiennes album – The Trip
    John Martyn & Beverley Martyn* – Auntie Aviator

    So cool, sitting on lift, getting ready to on a pow safari

  5. Awesome, thanks Stuart! ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ is a great suggestion – a classic!

    Didn’t know the other one (or even that St Etienne had done that album) but I can see how it’d make perfect listening for the lift! That’s definitely going on… Cheers!

  6. A great playlist while snowboarding is euphoric! A few of my favorites include:
    Nas & Damian Marley-Count Your Blessings
    Collie Buddz-Blind to You
    Pearl Jam-Amongst the Waves
    Damian Marley-Beautiful
    Bliss n Eso-The Sea is Rising

    My music choice varies depending on my mood too. Have fun shredding!

  7. I didn’t make it, I was so bummed. It’s a 2 1/2 hour trip and I already made it halfway so I decided to call it a day. Better luck next week hopefully!

    Another good one I forgot is No Way-The Naked and Famous

  8. I’m so on the same page. This week at work has been manic. How has it fallen such that I’ve got 3 weeks worth of work to do in 1 week? That’s life 😉

    Yet – I’m so excited about the upcoming snow trip, in fact, excited doesn’t really come close. And what’s the last thing I’ve got to do tonight before flying tomorrow? Sort out my play-list.

    I’m going to look into your suggestions from 5 more minutes… I’ve still got tunes from the original ChunkyKnit films. I’ve already got songs from Art of Flight… have you downloaded the full album from The Naked and Famous? There are some great songs on there.

    Random also – watched a film last weekend, “Drive”, if you like electro/80s sound, there are some nice songs on that soundtrack – might be a good addition 😉

    Enjoy your shred!

  9. Ha ha, we’re definitely in the same boat! I’ve got a week’s worth of work to get through before I fly tomorrow (not gonna happen… :/ ).

    Thanks for the recommendations. Soundtrack to Drive sounds interesting… Check out this mix tape from Yodel too which is pretty cool.


    Enjoy your shred too! Where are you off to?

    Right, I’m off to download the whole Naked and Famous album and check out the Drive soundtrack… then back to work! 😉



  10. Hey Cat,

    off to Breck for two weeks, flying tomorrow at 9:20am. So stoked!

    Will check out that mix tape 😉


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