Word on the piste: From one extreme to another

Is it possible for a ski resort to have too much snow? It certainly appears that way in the Alps at the moment! Ironically, less than two weeks after concerns over a lack of snow, there is now so much that certain resorts have had to close lifts and even roads.

The road to Tignes this afternoon

Pictures from Tignes have been doing the rounds on social networking sites showing snow that’s over 1.25m deep! And it’s apparently still dumping!

Tignes, where one metre of snow fell overnight!

Of course, no one is bemoaning the extraordinary levels of snow (except maybe those who are stuck on the roads!) as things are looking very good indeed for those lucky enough to be hitting the slopes over Christmas and New Year. Just have to hope it eases off enough to get there…!

Anyone out there at the moment? Or been out and managed to get back?! Please leave a comment. I (and others I’m sure) would love to hear about your experiences…!


2 responses to “Word on the piste: From one extreme to another

  1. Just back last night! We managed to get out of Val around 6 in the morning, but i heard there were more problems after we left. We misssed our Geneva flight, diverted to Chamberry, and finally got a flight out of Grenoble late on It dumped solidly from Wed-Sat, and i don’t think it was looking like stopping.

    The mountain is working hard to open up the ski areas and coped pretty well with the previous week’s dump, pushing it, blowing it up and making most pistes safe. They used up a huge load of explosives, and I shouild think they’ll be using a whole lot more this week!

    Amazing conditions for seasonnaires and powder junkies. Perhaps not for the more groomer-focused, “cold beer in the sun” types! (I like a bit of both, but i’ve had more cold beers than powder days in my life, so last week was fine for me!).

    Home now, so cold beer time later! Have fun anyone who gets out there. but be VERY, VERY safe!!

    • Sounds like it was pretty chaotic there yesterday. I’ve heard quite a few stories of people taking 5 hours to get from Tignes/Val to Bourg! And even people getting kitted out in transceivers to make the journey down!! Pleased to hear you made it home safely… eventually!

      I know Tignes are great at managing the area and will be working flat out to make the pistes safe but they’ve definitely got their work cut out for them! Sounds like there’s a lot of fun to be had out there but, as you say, people are going to have to play extremely safe.

      Thanks for the comment!

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