Word on the piste: From woe to snow!

It’s been quite a week in the snow world. To think it was only just over a week ago that there was serious concern over the outlook for the 2011/12 ski season in Europe, and even the future of snowsports in Europe full stop!

Blue sky powder day in St Gervais - 8 December. Photo: Chris Barrow

The fact that the British press didn’t pick up on this until after it had started snowing caused an uproar from certain parts of the  ski industry who, for the second year running, were seeing their already recession-hit businesses being crucified by the good old British press.

But when it did finally start to snow, it really snowed, and didn’t stop for several days. A fact that the ski industry took great pleasure in drawing to the attention of the sloppy hacks.

In a matter of days the previously snow starved slopes have been buried under well over a metre  of light fluffy snow, and what was looking like being one of the worst starts to the season on record, is now shaping up to be one of the best!

Perfect conditions for Glenshee's opening day. Photo: Glenshee Ski Centre

And it’s not just the Alps who have been blessed by the snow Gods. Despite Hurricane Bawbag‘s best efforts to blow away all the fresh snow that had fallen in Scotland over the past week, and sabotage efforts to prepare the ski areas for an early opening (a derailed gondola, damaged chairlifts and power cuts  being among some of its handiwork), Glenshee, Cairngorm and The Lecht opened for business this weekend. And, as you can see above, conditions were fantastic!

I was starting to feel quite envious of friends out in the Alps and over in the US and Canada, but now I can’t wait to get back up to Scotland to put in my first turns of the season!

Anyone managed to get out on the slopes yet? Let me know where you’ve been and how it was. Go on, make me jealous…!


5 responses to “Word on the piste: From woe to snow!

  1. Hi skied yesterday in the Porte du Soleil, just a get the legs moving few hours really, fresh snow today out for a bigger day tomorrow.

  2. Hi ya. We are staying in Les Gets, but will be skiing all over the PDS and beyond. Check out http://realsnowreport.wordpress.com/2011/12/18/first-days-skiing-of-the-season/ for the report of the first week (Les Gets and Avoriaz), more to follow

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