More snow!!

Well, if I was excited when I drew the curtains yesterday, this morning I was ecstatic! I’ll refrain from making a lewd joke, but last night we got 6 inches here in Biggar! What?

Here are some pictures… Makes yesterday’s sprinkling look pathetic!

Now, that's proper snow!

Blue sky powder day in Biggar!

Got to get to Edinburgh... and then London. Wish me luck!

Needless to say I got a bit carried away with the photos so I’ll post more on the Riding Switch Facebook page.

Word is it’s still dumping in the Alps so all’s well in the world of snow lovers! 🙂

Now I just need to get down to London. Wish me luck!


4 responses to “More snow!!

  1. summerprimrose228

    You lucky girl! 5 days to go until we hit Livigno, only a dusting of fresh snow there at the moment but if the forecast stays true to it’s word then there is some pow pow on the way 🙂 I hope you make it to London without any problems…!

    • Fortunately not much snow in Edinburgh so other than a few skids getting on to the main road, it’s been fine… so far! Apparently there’s been a fair bit in the Highlands so hopefully the Scottish ski areas will be open soon!

      Great news that it’s finally snowing in the Alps and I’m sure it’ll hit Livigno soon! Just in the nick of time eh?! Am so envious that you’re going to be shredding the pow in 5 days!!

  2. Yep, it seems the snow is coming! A friend from work had to dig themselves out before travelling down to our office – they live near Glasgow. It seems that the Scottish ski areas are getting a bit of what they need! Tres exciting!

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