Word on the piste: It’s snowing!

It’s a sight for sore eyes. After prolonged strike action which had left even the uppermost alpine slopes looking as green in December as they had in August, the snow Gods have finally gone back to work!

Reports of fresh snow are coming in from across the Alps and according to my sources out there, there’s a good covering above 1600m, with an even more active front forecast to pass through tonight and tomorrow which should bring with it a load more of the white stuff! Here’s a picture from Chris at Haute Altitude in St Gervais. Looking good!

Slopes looking good in St Gervais

And here’s another one from the guys at Upflatdown in Tignes where it’s starting to look a lot more as you’d expect at this time of year. Although conditions have been relatively good up on the glacier, the Tignes residents (and those planning to visit!) are hoping the long awaited snowfall will see the rest of the mountain being open before long. Fingers crossed!

Everything's all white in Tignes!

And it’s not just the Alps that are finally being compensated for the apparent strike action from above. Drawing the curtains in my parent’s house near Edinburgh this morning, I was met with the wonderful sight of a blanket of white. I felt like a  kid on Christmas morning!

Snow in Scotland this morning

Outside the window it’s still snowing and it’s forecast to continue over the next few days. I just hope it keeps coming and puts down a good base in the Scottish ski areas. A little respite tomorrow afternoon would be good, just to allow me to get down to London, but maybe I’m just being picky!

Anyway, as a wise friend once said, “the weather’s the weather”! 😉

Please post a comment if you’ve got any tales of snow to report. Let’s share the excitement… winter starts here!!


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