Word on the piste

Now that the ski season has well and truly started to kick off and news from the slopes is coming in thick and fast, I thought I’d start to bring you regular summaries of what’s going down in the snow world, for those of you who don’t have the time to obsess about it as much as I do!

So, here’s the biggest news from the past few days…

First up was Jamie Nicholls‘ incredible win at the Burton Tokyo Rail Days Jam on Saturday. In front of a crowd of 3000 at the Roppongi Hills Arena the young lad from Yorkshire beat off competition from 16 of the world’s top jibbers, taking away a cheque for $1500 for his troubles. Massive congratulations Jamie!

Jamie smashing it in Tokyo

While Jamie was smashing it in Tokyo, something of equally epic proportions was happening over in Canada thanks to some girl called Nina, or something. While Europe’s Indian summer has extended to an Indian autumn, over in the Canadian Rockies it has been absolutely dumping! Whistler opened yesterday with a base of 130cm already in place and it’s still absolutely spewing down, with 90cm falling in 48 hours!

Someone who experienced this immense start to the winter up close and personal is pro skier, Mike Douglas who spent 6 days and nights ’embedded’ at the top of Whistler Mountain in the days leading up to opening day, filming the transformation of the mountain throughout the storms and paying tribute to the hard work of those who brave the extreme conditions in order to turn the mountain from treacherous wilderness  into an awesome winter playground. Here’s the master cut of his adventure…

And it’s not just Whistler that’s had a great start to the season, Banff is also looking fantastic. They had 30cm of fresh in Lake Louise on Wednesday and 22cm in Sunshine Village. Here’s one of the many pictures that friends out there have been tormenting me with over the past few days…

Beautiful Banff - shame about that ski tainting the view though 😉 Photo: Jason Connell

Europe, on the other hand, is not looking so good. A friend in Chamonix told me he was out hiking in shorts and t-shirt the other day and another friend took this photo in Val d’Isere

Val d'Isere on Monday. Photo: Philly Waygood

However, don’t worry of you’re heading out in the coming weeks as the good news is that it’s been cold enough for the snow cannons to work and there’s snow forecast for this weekend. Fingers crossed!

And news just in is that it’s started snowing in Scotland! Here’s a shot from the Lecht this morning…

Whoop whoop, bring on the Scottish snow!


6 responses to “Word on the piste

  1. summerprimrose228

    The snow situation here in Italy is concerning…the temperatures are unseasonably high and there has been very little snowfall. However, as you mentioned, snow is forecasted to start this week and hopefully it won’t stop all season 🙂 My snowboard and I are all raring to go…now we just need to wait for mother nature to release some of her magical snow 🙂 Enjoy the season and I look forward to your updates.

    • Hi there! Good to ‘meet’ another snowboarder chick on here! Am very envious of you being based out in Italy. Which resort are you in? Any sign of snow or a drop in temperature yet? Fingers crossed it comes soon! Look forward to more of your updates too… 🙂

  2. summerprimrose228

    And likewise, it’s nice to meet a fellow snowboarder, especially a female one! I’m not actually based in a resort, I work as an English teacher in a small town by Lago Maggiore, one of the Italian lakes. However in 2 hour I can reach Valle D’ Aosta which has some awesome resorts such as Cervinia, Pila, La Thuile and many, many more…a snowboarders and downhill bikers paradise! Still no snow in the Alps but it’s forecased to snow this week…lets hope so as we have a week in the mountains booked for 10 December! Where and what do you ride?

  3. What a wonderful place to live, and you’ve got some fantastic resorts on your doorstep! I’m based in the UK but have worked in the ski industry for years so have been lucky enough to get to loads of resorts in France, Switzerland and North America, including a couple of seasons. I’m from Scotland and am going to be based back up there for the next few months so I’m hoping they get as good a season as they did last year! I’m sure I’ll make it out the Alps too though… Fingers crossed the snow that’s forecast for this week actually materialises. Where are you headed on the 10th? Hopefully somewhere high!

  4. summerprimrose228

    You’re very lucky to be working in the ski industry, I’d love to be involved in the thing that makes me so happy. I’ve never been to North America but it’s on the to-do list for 2012. I’m Scottish too! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for decent snowfalls there this year so that you get some sweet powder days 🙂 I just hope that it stays well clear of the airports this year! Livigno on the 10th, if you have never been then I highly recommend it, tax-free resort with huge ski area, good food and nightlife…the snow is due there this Friday so there’s a glimmer of hope!

    • I just noticed from your last post that you’re Scottish too! Which island are you from? I’m from Edinburgh! To be honest I haven’t skied in Scotland for ages (have been a bit spoilt by having more appealing options!) but I can’t wait to ride there again. Really hope they get some decent snow. Unfortunately it’s always so hit or miss though!

      Sounds like you’ve got a great set up out there. It can be pretty frustrating being stuck in the UK when it’s snowing in the mountains!

      I’ve never been to Livigno but I’ve heard it’s pretty cool. You should definitely hit N America some time if you get the chance, it’s awesome! Colorado’s my favourite – can’t wait to go back.

      Have an awesome time in Livigno – look forward to hearing about it in your blog. And I’m sure the snow will come…!

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