Cocktails from Colorado

Last night Aspen Snowmass hosted their annual ‘appreciation night’ to thank London based industry partners for their hard work promoting the Colorado ski resort.

Aspen - definitely not a hard sell

Championing Aspen is hardly a difficult task, but they always reward us with a fantastic evening which provides a great opportunity to hear about the latest developments in resort as well as catch up with their team and fellow London based contemporaries.

The drinks always flow when Aspen come to town and this year was no exception as entertainment took the form of a cocktail mixology session held in Browns Courtrooms in Covent Garden. Groups of Tom Cruise wannabes gathered round individual bar stations equipped with shakers, fruit and, most importantly, lots of booze, and learned how to create a variety of different cocktails ranging from dainty and delicious French Martinis to rather more potent, but still dangerously drinkable, Zombies.

Giving a crowd of ski industry employees free reign of a fully stocked bar and encouraging them to free pour is a bold move and there were some extremely strong concoctions being consumed by the end of the evening. There will undoubtedly have been a few sore heads this morning but I’m sure everyone will agree that it was a fantastic evening!

Many thanks to Ellen Spitzbart and the team from Aspen Snowmass for hosting the event and to Mixology for a giving us a great taste of the art of, well, mixology!


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